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Boscarol Srl has been designing and manufacturing specialist cryogenic valves in Italy for over 50 years. Their focus on valves for this specific application allows them to be experts in their field and produce a range of flow and pressure control valves for hot and cold line cryogenic systems.

Boscarol Srl have been manufacturing valves since 1954 when Leopoldo Boscarol started the company in Milan, Italy. Their range encompasses high pressure designs and Cryogenic valves for both hot and cold lines.

Quality and performance are key measures in the design of all Boscarol valves and they comply to the relevant directives such as ATEX and PED.

Boscarol valves are relied on for dependable performance in demanding applications across the globe due to their in-house design and testing capability. The specialist nature of cryogenic valves means that conventional designs may not be effective or indeed safe, such that a specialist manufacturer like Boscarol Srl with a long history of delivering reliable performance can continue to innovate in this market.

Boscarol Srl - Cryogenic Valve Specialists

Globe Valves

Boscarol cryogenic globe type flow control valves are manufactured to suit the intended temperature application with screwed, flanged or butt weld (BW) connections. The handwheel operator is on a long stem design for Cold Line duty and a shorter stem for “Hot Line” duty. In addition to globe valves, Boscarol also produce check valves for the same cryogenic duty and manifold valves.


Boscarol developed the Economizers and Reducers to combat the problem of over pressure in cryogenic systems. The Reducer maintains a constant downstream pressure irrespective of variations in the upstream pressure. The Economizer is similar but when the downstream pressure exceeds the set point, the valve allows the recovery of the excess pressure back to the inlet thus preventing overpressure downstream and recycling the media.

Check Valves

Boscarol’s range of cryogenic non-return or single-acting valves prevent the media’s return under pressure.
Technical data:

  • Nominal diameter: 15-20-25-32-40-50 ( 3/8″ – 2″ )
  • Nominal pressure: 40 bar
  • Operating temperatures: -196°C/-321°F ÷ +50°C/+122°F
  • Couplings: Pocket/head welded
  • Standards: ASME/ANSI: B16.34, B16.11, B16.25, B16.25, B16.5, EN 1626, ISO 5208
  • Certification: Directive 97/23/CE (PED). Directive 94/9/CE (ATEX)
  • Materials: Body: Stainless steel. A479-grade 304. Cap: Stainless steel. A479-grade 304. Brass CW617N (type threaded). Shutter seal: PTFE

Cryogenic Manifolds

High pressure valves for flow control, pressure release or block and bleed designs are one of the original manufactured designs that are still popular today. Commonly used with process pressure gauges, the valves allow the isolation of the gauge for maintenance, calibration or repair. Also available are 2 or 3 valve manifold designs for use with differential pressure gauges and transmitters.

Cryogenic Needle Valves

Boscarol developed the needle valve range in response to customers flow requirements. Each needle valve is ATEX certified and free from grease. Various connection options are available.

Gauge Valves

Gauge valves are designed to be a safe back up protection for pressure gauges, whilst also controlling the flow of fluids. For operational use where there is high temperature and sharp temperature excursions, these are normally applied to tubing, machines or systems where it is necessary to be able to regulate or cut-off supply or discharge fluid flow. A simple tap design with a practical grip is used for regulation, whilst the discharge screw’s pressure can be reduced to zero.

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