Two Way Solenoid Valves

Measure Monitor Control has a large selection of 2-way solenoid valves. They have two ports (inlet and outlet) and two switching planes (open or closed) and are electromechanically actuated. They are used to start/stop the flow of gas/liquid and are most commonly normally closed, so that if power fails the valve will close. 

2-way solenoid valves are suitable for a wide range of applications, including: isolation / shut off, release, distribution, dosing and mixing. 

Main Categories

FG Line L Series Normally Closed General Purpose Solenoid Valves

FG Line N Series Normally Open General Purpose Solenoid Valves

Nadi L Series Normally Closed & Normally Open Solenoid Valves ATEX , GOST Ex & IECEx

Nadi E Series Manual Reset Solenoid Valves

Specialist Valves

EN161 Solenoid Valves for Natural Gas

L88 1/4" Cryogenic

L90 3/8", 1/2" 3/4" Cryogenic

BX315 Normally Closed High Pressure

BX317 Normally Closed High Pressure

BX320 Normally Closed Super High Pressure

BX321 Normally Open Super High Pressure

BXYB165 Normally Closed 350bar

L15 High Pressure Liquid CO2 Valve

HT2980 CO2 Fire Suppression Valve

HT2992 CO2 Fire Suppression Valve

P05 High Flow Flanged Solenoid Valve IP65 or ATEX

SX17 Steam Solenoid Valve ATEX

SX20 Irrigation Solenoid Valve

SX23 Normally Closed ATEX

SX37 Normally Open Zero Bar ATEX

SX77 Normally Closed Stainless Steel

VCT Dual Solenoid Valve High Pressure

PCN 2/2 Normally Closed or Normally Open Solenoid Valve 1/2"-4", 0.5-12bar 

MCN 2/2 Normally Closed or Normally Open Solenoid Valve 1/2"-2", Stainless Steel

HCPA Solenoid Valves High Pressure Water 1/2"-2" Stainless Steel

HCP Solenoid Valves High Pressure Steam 1/2"-2" Stainless Steel

MCP & MCF Steam Solenoid Valves Normally Closed or Normally Open 0-7bar 

IBV009b Proportional Solenoid Valve

DBN040 Proportional Solenoid Valve

IBV19M 2/2 Normally Closed Proportional Solenoid Valve Manifold Mount

BX41 1/2"-4" Solenoid Valve with Limit Switch

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