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SUTO-iTEC GmbH is a multinational company producing innovative measurement and monitoring products for compressed air and other gases. They have manufacturing bases in both Germany and China which allows them to respond quickly in supporting their clients needs worldwide through constant product development. As a company run by engineers, they always look to challenge preconceptions and innovate with technology to produce successful products with class leading performance.

The SUTO-iTEC range of measuring instruments provides a complete solution for monitoring compressed air/gas quality and consumption through sensors for dew point, oil vapour concentration, particle concentration, flow, power consumption, pressure, temperature and air leakage. These sensors combine with advanced displays, data loggers and monitoring software to produce standalone systems that can also fully integrate into plant control systems.

SUTO offer several thermal mass flow sensor designs to suit varying conditions where the measurement of flow, consumption and temperature are needed for process control, efficiency or custody transfer. They also offer a pitot tube design that is perfect for wet air, gas or steam that conventional thermal mass is not suited for and this is particularly good for high velocity media streams. Completing the flow range is a flow direction switch with no moving parts and an ultrasonic flow meter for liquids.

Oil contamination in compressed air/gas systems can be a major problem and could be in the form of liquid, aerosol or vapour. With vapour being the most difficult to monitor and remove from the system, SUTO developed this compact oil vapour sensor for continuous testing or periodic auditing. It is available without display as a remote sensor or with display and integral data logger for standalone monitoring.

Aside from dew point and oil, particles are the third main contamination to be monitored in accordance with ISO 8573. SUTO offer a range of laser particle sensors for monitoring different combinations particle size bands down to 0.1microns.

SUTO launched the S 600 as the first truly portable solution for the combined measurement and data logging of dew point, oil vapour and particle concentration. This compact unit has a fully featured touch screen menu system with guided measurement, removing the need for intensive operator training. The built in data logger, PDF report creator and USB interface facilitates ease of access to recorded data for analysis and reporting.

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SUTO Update May 2019

On 23rd May 2019, SUTO-iTEC GmbH announced a change to their product naming convention for all current products to remove the space between the S and the 3 digit product identifier. For example, S 600 is now S600 and S 401 becomes S401. This is purely a detail change and does not affect the specification or capability of the instrument. These changes will be introduced gradually and there will be a transition period where products, datasheets and documentation could have either naming convention and this will not invalidate the product, its calibration or warranty.

The 2019/2020 model year from May 2019 is also the first year that SUTO have produced standalone product datasheets for each instrument which can be found on the individual product pages of this website. These datasheets may retain the old naming convention for a period until their next update and release but this does not affect their validity. Two new range overview brochures have been added above covering flow and air purity/quality and also the new full range brochure. Note that some of the products shown in the brochure have not yet been released. Please contact us for clarification or request a quote to ensure you have the latest up to date information.

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