ID Insert Deal Part Numbers and How to Identify Them

ID Insert Deal was created in 2000 from the merger of two companies with histories going back to 1960. Over such a long period the part numbering system has gradually evolved and so has how this is marked on the products. Identifying the specification of existing units in order to purchase replacements can be tricky but the following guide will help to find the vital information we will need to quote for the correct product.

How is an ID Insert Deal Part Number Constructed?

The part numbers are prefixed by the series type and a hash symbol such as 4S3# or 310F2# and then a series of characters that identify the exact specification. For example: 543#N0C0E001NI00, 210R3#R0I0J099I000, 4S3#V032D0HI00 or 3130#03D0D09VNZ00. These codes define pressures, sizes, certification and functional aspects of the item but do not identify the fluid media which will be necessary to know when ordering new or replacement parts.This can become complicated when series types and part prefixes are not the same. In the above example, prefix 543# actually relates to model series R314MC/R318MC and prefix 4S3# relates to model FR314ST.

How are the Products Marked?

All modern ID Insert Deal products will carry the model series reference, e.g. FR314ST, maximum inlet pressure, filter element size (filter or filter regulator models only) and a couple of other codes. There will also be a serial number, operating temperature range and any certification references such as ATEX.

The method of marking has changed over time and could be a printed sticker, punched dot lettering or laser engraving and sometimes can be difficult to see due to reflections from shiny body materials, ingrained dirt or hidden due to how the unit has been installed.

Items are often but not always, marked with the intended fluid but if you see this, do check what actual fluid it is used on as regulators and filters do get used on site for duties other than intended at the time of purchase. Note that ID Insert Deal recommends operation of the device only with the fluid type marked on the body. Other options/applications are at user’s risk.

Is the Serial Number all we Need to Find?

Modern serial numbers can be traced at the factory to identify the supplied specification but there are many old products installed (manufactured before 2008) that are not traceable by this method. A serial number on its own is in most cases unlikely to be enough to quote a replacement from. If you can provide more information it will help speed up the quote response time.

What Information is Needed to Quote for Replacement Items or Service Kits?

In addition to any marked information, we always need the following:

  • media and state (liquid or gas)
  • inlet pressure
  • outlet pressure range (regulators) 
  • filter element size (filters or filter regulators) 
  • drain type for filter bowls - automatic, manual or cap

Sometimes connection types, sizes and forms may be non-standard and this is always worth checking. There are also some other features such as inlet filters that are not standard coded options but are physically obvious and photos of an existing unit can be most helpful to ensure the correct replacement is supplied. If possible, clear photos of the unit and nameplate supplied at point of enquiry can either remove any doubt over special options or prompt further investigation if something appears unusual.

For mixed liquid duty, please confirm the specific gravity, viscosity for the fluid and mix ratio for each constituent.

In some special cases (e.g. pre-calibrated devices) we may request the original unit to be supplied as a sample for factory testing to confirm the absolute specification for critical control items.

Note that due to continuous product development, repair kits are available up to 10 years from the date of supply. Older regulators may have to be replaced if the internal components are no longer available.

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