Intelligas Gas Safety Control Panels

Intelligas is a UK manufacturer formed in 2007. Intelligas provide the highest quality Gas Interlock and Proving Systems for commercial kitchens, boiler rooms and Laboratories. All Intelligas systems are manufactured, built and tested in the UK.

Commercial kitchen systems comply with safety standard BS6173 & IGE/UP/19.

Intelligas Laboratory systems comply with IGE/UP/11 and aid compliance with BB101.

Boiler Room systems are BB100 ready and provide a one panel solution to boiler room gas detection and control.

Futureproof designed software is tailor-made on the microprocessor, which makes it able to be updated should British Standard regulations change. Providing capacity for system updates, most Intelligas units have extra inputs & outputs, ideal to guarantee future expansion, thus saving extra cost.

Commercial Kitchens

Intelligas interlock systems are supplied with a 5-year guarantee on every unit. Each system also comes with easy-to-understand instructions and full technical support. BS6173 & IGE/UP/19 compliant.

Boiler Room GSS

Our GSS control panel is a comprehensive boiler room solution, offering a gas safety system for boiler room applications. The GSS is a complete solution for gas safety.

Laboratory & Classroom Gas Controls

A complete range of gas control units from Intelligas. Model MSC101 is a microprocessor based multi services & multi function controller. It provides full control of laboratory services and complies to BB101(carbon dioxide levels in classrooms).

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