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FG Line Srl is an Italian company that specialises in the manufacture of solenoid valves. Their products are manufactured using the very latest production techniques and systems to ensure excellent performance and reliability when installed. This factory is dedicated to accuracy with full control of quality and traceability of every component part. Their range is comprehensive and covers all common industrial needs for safe area applications. 

FG Line produce a complete range of high quality general purpose solenoid valves for many common industrial liquids and gases. The advanced Italian manufacturing processes and tight quality control combine to deliver high reliability valves at a very competitive price. Availability is the key feature with many of the models available from our extensive UK stock. FG line work with their customers when designing new and innovative solenoid valves for all applications. Ask us for help with your special valve design requirements…

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Direct Acting Solenoid Valves. Series: L01, L02, L10, N01, N02, N11 & N12

FG Line direct acting solenoid valves offer quick response and enhanced reliability due to precision manufactured components and tight tolerances. These valves can operate with no inlet pressure and can be suitable for high pressures depending on the specification.

FG Line models in this category:

Normally Closed

L01 (1/8″ 0-25 bar)

L02 (1/8″,1/4″ & 3/8″. 0-30 bar)

L10 (3/8″, 1/2″ & 3/4″. 0-0.5 bar)

Normally Open

N01 (1/8″. 0-20 bar)

N02 (1/8″ & 1/4″. 0-20 bar)

N11 ( 1/8″ axial, 0-16 Bar)

N12 ( 1/8″ axial, 0-16 Bar)

Pilot Diaphragm Solenoid Valves. Series: L03, L23, N03 & N23

FG Line pilot operated solenoid valves are ideal when line pressure is always present due to the use of the inlet pressure to assist the opening and closing of the valve. This reduces the size of coil needed and therefore the current consumption and it also means the valves are smaller, lighter and more cost effective than a direct acting equivalent of the same line size. The 2 way valves are available as normally open or normally closed for a range of common voltages.

FG Line models in this category:

Normally Closed

L03 ( 3/8″-2″. 0.15-18 bar)

L23 (3/8″-1″. 0.15-18 bar)

Normally Open

N03 ( 3/8″-2″. 0.15-16 bar)

N23 (3/8″-1″. 0.15-16 bar)

Lift Assisted Diaphragm & Piston Solenoid Valves. Series: L04 & L24

FG Line solenoid valves that have the core tube concentric with the diaphragm cover are often of the hung diaphragm type, otherwise known as forced pilot or assisted lift. These use the inlet pressure to help complete the opening and secure the closing of the valve but will still operate with no inlet pressure. This is ideal where pipelines may not be consistently full or pressurised and for low pressure gravity fed situations such as fuel oil.

FG Line models in this category:

L04 ( 3/8″-1″. 0-14 bar)

L24 (3/8″-1″. 0-10 bar)

Pilot Piston Solenoid Valves. Series: L07, L08, L15, L27, N07 & N27

Pilot piston type solenoid valves are used for high pressure applications, where the port size accommodates larger pipe sizes, and the flow rate requires the largest flow. The L15 series has a working pressure of 100 bar with our C4 series solenoid coil, and has UREPAN seals for liquid CO2.

FG Line models in this category:

Normally Closed

L07 ( 3/8″-3/4″. 0.3-18 bar)

L08 (3/8″,1/2″ & 3/4″. 0.3-50 bar)

L15 (3/8″. 0.3-100 bar)

L27 ( 3/8″-1″. 0.3-20 bar)

Normally Open

N07 ( 3/8″-3/4″. 0.3-16 bar)

N27 ( 3/8″-1″. 0.3-16 bar)

Direct Acting Solenoid Valves. High Pressure Series: L05

The FG Line AL05 series 2 way normally closed solenoid valve is designed for high pressure applications up to 100bar with common media such as water, pure gases and liquid CO2. This valve can be supplied metal to metal sealing for extreme applications where standard elastomers are not suitable.

FG Line models in this category:

L05 ( 1/4″. 0-100 bar)

FG Line Part Numbers

FG Line part numbers follow a logical system using numbers and letters to determine each individual element of the product. This is consistent throughout the range, and makes end user identification easier, especially when recording special model variants.

For example: model AL03EB13T comprises:

  • A AC control voltage
  • L 03 Model code
  • E 1/2″ BSP ports
  • B NBR seals
  • 13 internal orifice 13mm
  • T brass body

Some FG solenoid valves can be identified with NATO Stock Numbers (NSN) and in the example above, the NSN 4810-12-378-4184 is an AL03EB13T/C1 and we would then need to know the coil voltage to supply against this NSN. For further information on this please call us or use the contact form on this page.

FG Line Solenoid Coils

FG Line solenoid coils are categorised by series. C1, C2, C3 and C4. All FG Line solenoid coils are of class F construction (155 degrees C) and moulded from thermoplastic materials with 30% glass fibre. They are rated for 100% ED duty and have an environmental protection to IP65, when the appropriate termination (DIN 43650) is made to the coil.

Nominal voltage tolerance: AC + 10%, -15%. DC + 10%, -5%

Standard voltage available: AC 12, 24, 48, 110, 230, 240V 50/60Hz. DC: 12, 24, 48, 110, 220

FG Line solenoid coils are available for special order with Class H construction (180 degrees C) and vacuum impregnated with the additional option of flying leads.

FG Line solenoid coil series:

  • C1 DIN 43650-B (22mm)
  • C2 DIN 43650-A (30mm)
  • C3 DIN 43650-A (30mm)
  • C4 DIN 43650-A (39mm)

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FG Line Solenoid Coil Datasheet

DIN Electrical Socket Connectors & Solenoid Valve Timers

FG Line offer a complete range of DIN electrical socket connectors for solenoid valves. The range is for DIN sizes 43650-A together with DIN 43650-B. As well as standard connectors, we can also offer connectors with LED power indication. Within the range are solenoid valve timers.

FG Line models in this category. Code and description:

  • 20220000 Solenoid Coil Connector DIN 43650-B
  • 20221000 Solenoid Coil Connector DIN 43650-A
  • 20220005 Solenoid Coil Connector DIN 43650-B RED LED 24V
  • 20220007 Solenoid Coil Connector DIN 43650-B RED LED 230V
  • 20221002 Solenoid Coil Connector DIN 43650-A Rectifier 250 VAC
  • 20222004 Solenoid Coil Connector DIN 43650-A RED LED 115V
  • 20220006 Solenoid Coil Connector DIN 43650-B RED LED 115V
  • 20222005 Solenoid Coil Connector DIN 43650-A RED LED 230V
  • 20222002 Solenoid Coil Connector DIN 43650-A RED LED 24V
  • 20214001 Solenoid Valve Timer. Analogue DIN 43650-A
  • 20221004 Solenoid Valve Timer Analogue DIN 43650-A

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