CS-iTEC GmbH is now known as SUTO-iTEC GmbH

CS-iTEC had been designing and manufacturing measurement solutions for air/gas applications since 2005 when they were founded by ex Testo engineers. Known for their innovation, these products quickly became the benchmark for cost effective accurate measurement. In 2017 they rebranded to SUTO-iTEC in order to achieve greater distinction in the worldwide market by developing a brand that was language independent.

CS 400

Through the long life of this very successful thermal mass flow sensor it has been referred to as several part numbers VA 400, CS 400, S 400 but always the same quality and performance, The CS 400 has now been superseded by the S 401 which adds a colour 3 line display, Bluetooth interface, increased accuracy sensor and the ability to be calibrated for 2 different user-selectable gases. The G1/2″ connection thread and graduated stem remain the same, enabling ease of installation and centering in the pipe.

CS 500 & CS 502 PRO

The CS 500 and CS 502 PRO were highly successful handheld dew point sensors for monitoring and auditing. Both have been replaced with the S 505 unit which offers 2 separate sensor ranges through interchangeable sensor blocks. The unit retains the colour touchscreen display with data logging and USB connectivity. This unit can be supplied with either or both of the sensors for a full spectrum of dew point measurement from -100degCtd.

CS 305

WHen CS-iTEC launched the CS 305, it offered a highly cost effective solution for self-contained dew point monitoring with alarm contacts and 4-20mA output. This unit is still in production as the S 305 with the same monochrome LCD display for dew point temperature and an additional 4-20mA input often used for a loop powered pressure sensor. There is also now a choice of 2 measuring ranges.

CS 530

The CS 530 ultrasonic leak detector offers efficient detection of leaks using the hand held sensor, noise cancelling headphones and progressively finer detection tips. The sensor can be removed to be used with an extension lead for hard to access areas and there is an ultrasonic emitter that can be placed within pipes and tanks to detect leaks without being pressurised. This unit is still available in a rugged carrying case with battery charger as the S 530.

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