S600 Compressed Air Purity Analyser

S600 Air Purity Analyser

S600 is the first truly portable test instrument for measuring dew point, particle concentration, oil vapour concentration and pressure which combined with the powerful 5″ touchscreen and integral datalogger, provides an indispensable tool for testing air/gas purity.

The custom software includes guided measurement instructions to ensure ease of operation without extensive training and PDF report generator for every measurement.

  • Dew Point -100degC to +20degC
  • Oil Concentration 0.003 to 10.000mg/m3
  • Particle Concentration 0.1 microns to >5.0 microns
  • Pressure range 0.3 to 1.5MPa
  • Optional Isokinetic sampler

By combining these sensors into one unit, S600 offers ease of use with reduced cost of ownership through only one periodic calibration process instead of one per sensor. The sensors and control display are built into a rugged transit case for ease of transportation and the compact dimensions with only 10kg mass make S600 easily portable for all day use.

From July 2019, S600 has a next generation particle sensor included as standard, giving accurate particle resolution down to 0.1 microns to fully meet the particle measurement requirements of ISO 8573.

From July 2020, S600 users are now able to upload a company logo that will print out on the report and this upgrade is available to all existing units. All new S600's are now compatible with the new revised isokinetic sampling device A554 0600 as well as retaining backward compatibility with the previous version. An RJ45 port has been added to access the measurement data via Modbus/TCP communication protocols and net bags have been integrated on the top lid cover to store the power supply and other accessories during transportation.

Data Sheet

Does the S600 comply with ISO 8573?

The S600 measures dew point, particle concentration and oil vapour concentration. For any instrument to be compliant with measurement according to ISO 8573-1, the methods used to measure must follow the prescribed method in the appropriate section:

ISO8573-3 dew point: S600 uses the capacitance type electrical sensor and is fully compliant.

ISO8573-4 particles: S600 uses a laser sensor and is fully compliant when measuring from isokinetic sampling points. 

ISO8573-2 oil aerosols: S600 cannot measure these directly. 

ISO8573-5 oil vapour: S600 uses a PID sensor which is not yet an ISO 8573-5 compliant method of measurement.

In order to develop an oil classification according to 8573-1, measurements for liquid oil, oil aerosol and oil vapour need to be summed and compared to the class table for class 2 or better. There is no electrical sensor on the market that can do this or is covered under the approved methods in 8573-2 or 8573-5. 

However since vapour is always present alongside liquid and aerosol oil but can still be present when the liquid and aerosol contents are filtered out, using a PID sensor as in the S600 can provide accurate and repeatable measurement of vapour in high purity systems, to guide maintenance and provide client confidence in the effectiveness of the air treatment system.

The S600 is not 8573 compliant for oil measurement but is a great tool for quality testing on the above understanding. Please see the following page for more information on this subject.

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