S605 Self-Contained Portable Breathing Air Tester

The S605 is a self contained portable breathing air analyser that is easy to use, produces a detailed PDF report at the end of the test and complies with all the measurement requirements of EN 12021. At 11kg the unit is easily portable so that it can be used anywhere and since all the sensors are inside the unit and there is only one sampling port, there is no need to connect external devices or use chemical indicator tubes in order to determine the results.

S605 has electrochemical gas sensors for oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) in addition to the uniquely capable SUTO dual QCM & polymer dew point sensor, PID VOC sensor and pressure sensor. Combining these with a simple to use touchscreen display that clearly shows the readings in an easy to understand manner and an integral data logger, provides an elegant solution to breathing air testing that does not rely on subjective measurements or user interpretation. The S605 will produce the PDF report at the end of every test and it can easily be downloaded via USB for printing or emailing.

SUTO recommend an annual calibration for this unit and simplify the process by the availability of exchange pre-calibrated sensor modules that are simple for the user to swap and return the old sensors through the supply chain so that they can be recycled at the factory. This removes the need for the instrument to be off-site for a period of time and testing can resume the same day once the modules are exchanged knowing that it will be twelve months till the next time it is required.

  • O2 0-25%
  • CO2 0-1000ppm

  • CO 0-20ppm

  • H2O -100 +20degC TD

  • Oil Vapour 0.001 – 5.000mg/m3

  • Pressure 0-16bar

  • No external instruments or chemical indicator tubes required

  • PDF report generator

  • Integral data logger

The S605 is perfect for mobile intermittent testing but if you need to monitor breathing air quality continuously, the S606 is the perfect solution.

S606 Continuous Breathing Air Analyser

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