S606 24/7 Continuous Breathing Air Analyser

The S606 is a wall mounted breathing air analyser for continuous monitoring in accordance with EN 12021. This instrument measures gas concentrations for oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) in addition to dew point and oil vapour with programmable alarm settings for out of range alarms.

24/7 breathing air monitoring reduces the risk to users from quality issues that might occur between periodic testing and the S606 system does not require regular user input to function reliably. Indeed, once the system is installed, the single pneumatic connection made and the power and signal connections established, the system can be relied on to provide alarm signals whenever the parameters exceed preset safe thresholds.

The easy to read touchscreen display offers at-a-glance indication of the measured parameters in real time so that any operator can understand the air quality reading without fear of misinterpretation or needing specific training. The touchscreen menu system allows easy viewing and adjustment of the alarm settings and has an integral datalogger and PDF report generator for spot checks and specific testing.

Communication to BMS/SCADA systems or the dedicated SUTO S4A software is through Modbus TCP/RTU and there is an optional 4G dongle to enable wireless communication. Traditional local alarms can be wired through an optional 8 way relay expansion should that be needed.

S606 offers 24/7 breathing air user safety through continuous measurement from a self contained stand-alone system that only requires periodic calibration through exchange sensor modules that can be fitted by the user. There is no need for highly trained specialists or external contractors for this and the comprehensive instruction manual provides all the information and training needed. 

  • O2 0-25%
  • CO2 0-1000ppm
  • CO 0-20ppm
  • H2O -100 +20degC TD
  • Oil Vapour 0.001 – 5.000mg/m3
  • Pressure 0-16bar
  • Modbus TCP/RTU Communication
  • Programmable alarms
  • PDF report generator
  • Integral data logger

The S606 is perfect for monitoring breathing air quality continuously, but if you need mobile intermittent testing capability, the S605 is the perfect solution.

S605 Portable Breathing Air Analyser

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