Air Preparation for -55degC Arctic Conditions

Compressed air filtration and pressure regulation at point of use is complicated in arctic environments by the need for very dry air to prevent water vapour condensing and freezing and the use of elastomer seals and diaphragms that remain flexible at these temperatures. Sitecna offer a range of field proven pressure regulators, filters and filter regulators suitable for low temperatures down to -20degC, -25degC, -40degC or -55degC.

Frequently these units are specified to be constructed in 316L stainless steel for corrosion resistance but Sitecna also offer the same units with an epoxy coated copper free aluminium construction that offers significant savings in cost and weight compared to stainless steel. The aluminium air preparation products rated down to -55degC are proving increasingly popular and can be provided with IP66 certification on request if necessary.

Both the stainless steel and aluminium units are ATEX and EAC CU TR certified as well as carrying IEC61508 SIL3 compliance for Functional Safety.

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