Is that compressed air system working well or not?

To answer that question it is no longer sufficient to have instruments that just monitor continuously and raise alarms when needed. For optimum efficiency, data has to be recorded, analysed and reported in order for maintenance actions to be taken, which means the measuring instruments now have to make that easier for the user, and SUTO-iTEC GmbH instruments do exactly that in all these areas:

Compressed Air Dew Point Audits (ISO 8573)


Water contamination in compressed air or nitrogen can cause massive problems and monitoring the dew point is a simple and highly effective way of confirming the dryness of the air. Dew point sensors on dryers can fail causing huge costs for damaged equipment or lost production and regular audits will highlight areas where the air is not dry enough. Dew point is the easiest contamination (as described in ISO 8573-1) to identify and eliminate, making it the first priority for plant efficiency and cost reduction.

The S520 is a handheld dew point meter that delivers faster measurements and pass/fail decisions through its advanced end point prediction algorithm. No more waiting for the dew point sensor to stabilise, which means more tests can be delivered per day, and an end of day report compiled without effort as the location of each test is complemented by photos, notes and audio recordings.

Compressed Air Purity Testing (ISO 8573)


Compressed Air Efficiency Testing (ISO 50001, ISO 11011)


Leak Detection, Measurement & Reporting


Air - Gas - Vacuum Flow Measurement


Breathing Air Testing (ISO 12021)


Recommended Measuring Solutions:

S520 for Compressed Air Dew Point Audits (ISO 8573)

S551 for Compressed Air Efficiency Testing (ISO 50001, ISO 11011)

S600 for Compressed Air Purity Testing (ISO 8573)

S531 for Leak Detection, Measurement & Reporting

Flow Meters for Air - Gas - Vacuum Flow Measurement

S605 for Breathing Air Testing (ISO 12021)

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